I woke up feeling restless today. It’s that feeling of knowing that you are on the verge of something big…humongous…life changing and you can just about reach out and touch it, but instead you’re in a holding pattern. It is like I am swinging around on a rope circling what’s on the horizon, but can’t quite get to it just yet. There are too many loose ends that need tying up, but I am just ready to BE there in that new place moving further towards my destiny. It’s a frustrating place to be…

Then I spoke to my grandmother, Eola Woolfolk. Today is her 95th birthday! Happy Birthday, Mama T!!! The beauty, life, wisdom and joy in her voice was the biggest soothing agent and exactly what I needed today. Her first words after my mom and I greeted her with our birthday wishes via conference call? “I am a blessed mother!” What a beautiful thing to be able to say at the age of 95.

I’m sure my grandmother had many days when she felt restless. She had many days when she was on the verge of big changes and probably felt like she was twisting around in the wind and hanging on to a rope for dear life ready and wanting to make it to the next destination. And she got there! And to the next “there”…and the next…and so on and so on.

What a special and beautiful motivation to let me know that if I just hang in there and keep pressing forward I will get there too.

What are some of the things you do to get through those restless times? Let me know!




8 thoughts on “Restless…

  1. That gif, though! lol How cool that you spoke w/your grandmother. I remember speaking with my great-grandfather when he was 99 or 100 and he still remembered me.

    Restlessness….the waiting place is not an easy one to be in, in this viral, fast food world. Personally, I’m going to start watching more tv and reading because pushing doesn’t not always = productivity.

    Keep writing.


    • Isn’t that gif everything?!! It is truly a blessing to have a grandparent or ancestor up there in age, but still so vibrant, exuberant and full of life as I know you can attest.

      It’s true that pushing won’t always bring the desired result. Sometimes you have to pause, step back and regroup. Thank you for the encouragement!!


  2. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I, too, feel like I’m in a restless state, but the key is to keep moving. Your grandmother is beautiful. 🙂 #blmgirl


    • Yes, Leah! Moving forward is the key. The best part about my grandmother is that she is beautiful both inside and out. What a great legacy I stand on. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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