The Diluting of the Birthday Wish…

I used to be the birthday queen! I can remember people’s birthdays like it is a superpower. To this day I remember a couple of ex-boyfriends’ birthdays that I wish I could forget, believe me.


I would always make a visit to drop off a gift, send a card, or make a call, drop an email, or sometimes a text. It was significant and it made the birthday person feel special, important, and cherished. People frequently wondered how I could always remember. I don’t know, I just do.

Then, Facebook came along and the art of the birthday wish became cheapened, base and anti-climactic. Anybody and everybody could now remember a birthday because they had a cheat sheet courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg. Gee, thanks.

That special crown I imagined on my head as the undisputed royal birthday wisher became as common as the paper one that you could get from Burger King with the purchase of a kids meal.

More recently I’ve taken on a new persona – The Birthday Grinch. Don’t get me wrong, I still remember birthdays. Within a week of the actual day, the designated person and their birthday will come to my mind. However, I find myself slacking more and more in making the effort to get online, go to the appointed page and type in the words. It’s become too much of a chore. As a result, I’m not as diligent on the empty, drab, obligatory “Happy Birthday” anymore. Sometimes I do it, but more often these days I’m likely to skip it.

That’s not right. I know that I need to dig deep down, break this new bad habit and find the birthday magic that I always loved to spread around to those I love. It’s time to  begin to renew that personal birthday connection that always brought so much joy to those who were on the receiving end of it.

Oh, and to the ones whose birthdays I’ve missed in my new rebellious phase let me take the opportunity to say:

Happy Birthday, (insert your name here)!!! Wishing you a (insert meaningless platitude here)!”

I’m sure you will eventually weed through the overindulgent birthday posts from the multitudes of people you don’t even know to get to my genuine greeting. A greeting from someone who you mean something to and who actually knows you. I’ll be looking forward to your general thank you to everyone who took the time to remember you. Most whom only did so after the notification popped up on their screen.

But, hey, you got three hundred birthday messages on your page! Love you…mean it!!